Total War Warhammer 2 Reddit Review

Total War Warhammer 2

Ready to dive into the world of wild beasts? In the middle of the island of Ulthuan, home to the high elves, a magical Vortex has been spinning for a very long time. Its original role as a barrier to the forces of Chaos. However, by the time the Total War Warhammer 2 Reddit campaign began, this Vortex was a little shaky.

What is your goal here?

The dark elves and Skaven want to rock it, even more, the high elves want to stabilize it (they created it, after all). And the lizards want to subdue it. That is, now the conquest of the whole Total War offers an alternative. Just five times to carry out a special ritual, and that’s it, victory is in your pocket.

This is where Total War: Warhammer 2 hides its main difference from the previous part. Carrying out the ritual and protecting the holy cities during it is a process as different as possible from any kind of conquest.

Starting the ceremony

As soon as you start the ceremony – for this, you need a special resource obtained in some special cities. Armies of Chaos and Skaven come out of nowhere, eager to disrupt the ritual. And burn everything they see along the way. The point of their spawning depends directly on where your forces are located.

If you securely closed all your borders with troops, chaos will arise right in the center of the empire, next to the capital. And then you will have to completely forget about any auto- calculation, because the further, the more numerous, more experienced, and angrier the forces of the invasion.

At first, it will seem to you that a pack of Skaven is better than a spawn of Chaos. But this is not so. Because Skaven invaders always ambush and always succeed. No matter how you place your armies, in the end, you will still be caught off guard.

And if not Skaven, then mercenaries sent by other factions will always hurt. By the way, you yourself can send them to the enemy who started the ritual. Otherwise, those who want to win by conquest would have no chance. To complete all the objectives of a regular campaign, you will need two hundred moves.

The conclusion

By the last, fifth, ritual, your empire will drown in a mess. The entire region is burning there, enemies are advancing from this side, and ten thousand Skaven are already licking their lips at the holy city. From a power-law strategy about conquest, Total War at such moments turns into a simulator of a crisis commander. It is impossible to prepare for this, and losses cannot be avoided.

It’s great, isn’t it – buying two games and then DLC to combine them? Two games with common mechanics, identical engine, identical interface and generally differing from each other only in a set of factions. Apart from the dubious policy of Total War: Warhammer 2 simply no longer produces the effect that the first part produced. It pleasantly surprised us with a fantasy setting and such a smooth transition of a reality series to a fictional basis.