How to repair Twitch error 4000

Twitch error

Twitch is one of the most famous online streaming platforms that was launched back in 2011. However, the complaint about “Twitch error 400” have become more common lately. The article will serve a great source for every user that tries to find a reasonable solution for it.

The main possible roots of the described error

In fact, the error number 4000 means that the page or, in this case, stream you are trying to open is deleted, hidden or cannot be supported by your system.

Some of the possible reasons for it include:

* Inconvenient and unstable connection to internet or faulty network;

* Some of the functions of the Google browser that can block particular formats of video content;

* Outdated drivers for video output devices;

* The interference of another streaming service or application that has video or audio output. The programs might be incompatible and cause some malfunctions.

This information should provide a basic idea of the common reasons for the problems with Twitch.

The most convenient solutions to the problem

Trying to fix this error may be frustrating and confusing process for the amateur users. However, the following steps will help to overcome the difficulties.

Get rid of all the cached information of the application:

* Enter the settings tab in the browser you use on a daily basis and go to the security tab;

* Select one of the options that can delete search history, user’s data or cached files;

* Confirm all the actions in the dialog window afterwards.

Do not forget to reboot the system to apply all the changes.

Other possible solutions for the problem include:

1. Refreshing the Twitch website to see if the error is permanent. In some cases, the error may occur only in particular sessions, which means that the problem is not on the user’s side;

2. Disable the processes of other applications that may have a video or audio output turned on to prevent interference;

3. Make sure you have downloaded the latest updates for the drivers of the device;

4. Choose the right hardware devices that are responsible for the video and audio output in the Windows settings.

5. Make sure that you have disabled the auto-play option in the browser you use to watch Twitch (Go to the settings of the browser and Disable all the services in the “Autoplay Policy” tab).

Reboot the computer to see whether the problem is gone or not. In the case nothing helps, try reaching out to the support team of the Twitch TV to ask for a specific piece of advice from an expert.


Twitch has become the most popular streaming platforms over the last decade. Every user wants to have a good experience while using it; therefore, encountering errors with the playback may be really frustrating. The article will explain the most common solutions for the problem.