Why I see there error – your PC ran into a problem

PC error

Using a computer with a Windows operating system is the process that is closely connected with encountering different errors and issues. One of the most common and yet most frustrating errors is “your pc ran into a problem”, which can be caused by various reasons. Even though you do not have to be an expert to solve this problem, the process does require some specific knowledge and computer skills. This article will serve as a great source of information on how to get rid of the undesirable issue.

The main possible roots of the problem

The problem described above can also be called a “blue screen of death error”, which does not sound like something you would like to encounter. In fact, this fatal error occurs when the system cannot function in the normal way because of some internal malfunctions.

What can cause the blue screen error?

  • Malfunction of the hardware, especially the hard drive can be the reason for the fatal error to occur. When the system cannot launch the essential files that respond for some basic functions of the operating system, it shows the critical error screen;
  • Corrupted operating system files or deleted root folders. There are some essential files in the root folders of the Windows operating system that respond for its functioning. The system will not work without them.
  • The consequences of malicious software activity. Some viruses can cause the corruption of the essential files or drop the harmful data on the hard drive. There is even malware that aimed to trigger the blue screen error specifically.

The most convenient solutions to the problem

Even though the blue screen error is always considered as something fatal, the solution is not that difficult for the most cases. The tips bellow can help even an amateur user to fix the problem:

  • Pay attention to the message about the error in the first place. It always contains the code of the error, which can be used to find the best solution for the problem;
  • Try rebooting the computer. Sometimes even small incompatibilities in the system can trigger the blue screen error, which is not fatal at all;
  • Try to reinstall the operating system or check it on the presences of malicious software. This step will help to make sure that the root of the problem is not in the software;
  • Try replacing the RAM sticks or hard drive if nothing else works. However, it is better to reach out to a professional to determine the real cause of the problem before spending any money.

Bottom line

Blue screen error is a common fatal malfunction of the Windows operating system, which can be caused by various problems. The article provides all the essential information about the most convenient solutions of the issue.