Witcher 3 Wandering in the dark – gamer Review

Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is a legendary RPG game that has created a huge fan base and forced other game developers to improve their games to the level where they will be able to compete with the CD Project Red’s creation. The actual value of the discussions about the quests of the game like Witcher 3 wandering in the dark mission is quite high in the light of the debates about the latest creation of the studio – Cyberpunk 2077. It is essential to point out the conceptions that were used in the quests to uncover the secret of the best RPG of the last decade.

The main information about the quest

“Wandering in the dark is the quest from the main story line and the most important mission in the Velen village. Some gamers argue that it is the example of the few not-so-great missions of the game, while others protect it by stating the counter-arguments.”

Reasons to consider it a good quest:

  • This quest has a high value for the plot development and opens up new information about the characters of the game;
  • This is the first time the game shows one of the Wild Hunt members – Nithral, which is for sure exciting, especially for those who play for the first time;
  • The quest is structured and divided into sections. Game offers to try out different mechanics from fights in various stings with environmental traps to tracking the path and solving some riddles;
  • Players also encounter Avalac for the first time, which is interesting because he is one of the main unknown forces in the plot.

The downside of the Wondering in the dark quest

Despite all the interesting parts of the Wandering in the dark, it is quite logical to consider it one of the worst in the game. Even though it has an important value for the plot, it is difficult to ignore some of the poor decisions of the developers:

  • The quest if too stretched out, the “wondering” part takes more than an hour before some actual plot development kicks in.
  • Fighting the groups of enemies is limited by the space of the dungeon and does not bring that much excitement from using all the combos and spells;
  • Some animation and voice line scripts become annoying during the fight with Nithral, which spoils the atmosphere of it.
  • Major inconsistencies in the plot development. The mission tempo makes you feel like the Wild Hunt is always a step ahead of you in finding Ciri, which is the main objective of the quest.


Even though Witcher 3 can be considered an outstanding RPG game, it is difficult to ignore some of the poor choices in terms of quest development made by level-designers. Despite all the downsides of it, it is still an interesting mission that for sure will find its fans among the players.